Doctors Got Talent

They say “Once you have reached the top, the REAL challenge begins”
After the biggest, most successful and most versatile talent show in 7 years, we are glad to be back STRONGER, more determined and with even bigger “SURPRISES” this year. And here comes the part where you have to speak up and let the world enjoy what you have got, it is time to beat the odds and prove medical school is actually FULL of talents; talents that will blow people away and keep them on the edge of their seats throughout the show. To make a long story short, this is your moment to shine and tell the world your story however it suits you and because art is a universal language so everyone is bound to get your message. Join the show and let the world know the real you!!
In honor of leukaemia fighters, this event is fundraising money for providing “Isolated Rooms For Leukaemia Patients” so every second you will be smiling or enjoying your time, you will be sharing your happiness with a less fortunate family by saving a life of one of their own and giving them the most precious gift of all “A SECOND CHANCE”
Our guest this year will be the star ” Mohamed Mohsen ”
for more details and TICKETS call:
amr el kersh: 01121180010
Mohamed ihab: 01226963407
mohamed sayed cetto:01016398794

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