wust el bald Bantaloni El Jeans 2017


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Wust el balad bantloni el jeans album songs 

  • Wust el balad – Bantloni el jeans
  • Wust el balad – shahet el telephone
  • Wust el balad – eliel ally malosh akher
  • Wust el balad – Manikan
  • Wust el balad – Washoush taga3id
  • Wust el balad – El ekhtalaf elmo2talf
  • Wust el balad – Enta had
  • Wust el balad – Selfie
  • Wust el balad – Bara7
  • Wust el balad – Moskerat
  • Wust el balad – Ana Kewayes
  • Wust el balad – El2asia



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