Mahmoud El Esseily

Mahmoud El Esseily 2017

Mahmoud El Esseily 2017

Mahmoud El Esseily 2017

It was obvious to his parents, ever since he was a little kid that when it came to music he was different He sang songs in languages he didn’t understand and composed his first song at the age of 9 to play it live on stage in a school talent show. When he was even younger than that teachers used to call his parents before any kindergarten event to make sure that he would be there to sing his solo. Mahmoud El Esseily was born on December 10th 1982, based on his obvious talents his mother enrolled him in Piano lessons at  the age of 4. His teachers used to marvel about his talents and sometimes complain about his tendency to go off note and alter a Beethoven Musical piece to play it in his own way. As soon as he started to compose music the lyrics followed and
then he was able to write songs that were hits amongst his friends and family. At first the songs were western with English lyrics and then he started to write Arabic songs and due to his diverse background his music combined Turkish, Rai, Egyptian and western music all in one. Esseily studied mass communication and integrated marketing at the American university in Egypt and he participated in every talent show since freshman year, he even released a song “Khayef men bokra” in the university’s CD. In one of those talent shows a friend’s brother decided to
produce a song for him and later on the idea developed into being a whole album.

was Unable to decide which song would be the song he releases as his first
single, and though his producers and friends suggested that he’d release
Magnouna he wanted to go with something more serious, mean while he was expected
to sing at the AUC carnival and open for Amr Diab; his friend in the student
union was able to get him a spot in the show… that day was a day that probably
made a huge difference in Esseily’s up coming career. He sang magnoona and the
crowd went wild they asked him for an encore three consecutive times. He felt

and flattered and was then sure that Magnoona would be his first

The Song was released in 2002 even though Mahmoud had composed it
at the age of 14, and as soon as it was released Esseily’s career kicked off and
he and his producers had confidence that his album would be a hit… after
releasing his first album “Raye7 3ala fein” with Future music he became a
celebrity known for his out of the ordinary musical style. From his first album
he shot two video clips, Raye7 3ala fein and Tabat w Nabat that was duo with

Esseily started planning for his second
album immediately after he finished the first and fate would have it that his
second album would be released with Mazzika aka 3alam el Fan in 2006, both of
his albums where all musically composed by him, as for the lyrics he wrote most
of them alone and some with cooperation with friends and family talented

He also released a trio in love of Egypt called “ Akeed fi Masr”
which became a national hit … he sang this song along with, Mohamed el Kilany
and May Seleem, he composed the music and the lyrics were acooperation between
Esseily and a brilliant song writer called Mohamed Fayez.

His Third album was released in 2009 and became a habit that he
gives the album as much time as he can to be completely satisfied with the out
come. This album’s name was “Tool Manty Ganby” and this album witnessed
Esseily’s first cooperation with the brilliant lyricist Ayman Bahgat Amar making
it a first in cooperation with artists outside Esseily’s circle, Ayman wrote the
title song “ Tool Manty Ganby”

The next album was ready to be released in 2010 but then the
revolution was sparked, so Esseily decided to postpone the release to a better
timing and he released “El Agzakhana” which was a song in the postponed album
and it fit perfectly with the spirit of the innovation of Egypt.

Finally 3 years after the release of his previous Album Esseily
Released his brand new Album “ Donia gedeeda” two more songs were added
throughout the course of the 2 years to make this album a14 track Album. In
which he cooperated for the first time with other composers and lyricists to
give the album a new edge.

Esseily also composed music for two sitcom intros; “ El
3eyada”and “Al kobtan azooz” as well as music for the 2012 Chipsy Ad, Samsung Ad
and5 songs for the legendary star Samira Saeed to be released in her new
unreleased album.


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