Carole Samaha

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carole-samaha 2017

carole-samaha 2017

Early life

Samaha was born on 25 July 1972 in Beirut to Antoine Samaha from Khenchara, Matn and Nouhad Hawi from Dhour El Choueir, Matn.[13] She has two brothers.[2]

Personal life

On 1 November [14] 2013, Samaha married Walid Mustafa, a divorced Egyptian with a daughter from a previous marriage, in a civil ceremony in Limassol, Cyprus following an 18-month love affair and short engagement.[15][16][17] On 31 August 2015 Carole Samaha gave birth to a baby girl, Tala.[18][19]



(حلم – A Dream)

Oughniat El Toufoula
(اغنية الطفولة – Children Songs)


Ana Horra
(انا حرة – I’m Free)


Adwa’ Al Shohra
(أضواء الشهرة – Lights of Fame)


Hdoudi Sama
(حدودي السما – The Sky Is My Limit)


(إحساس – A Feeling)


(ذكرياتي – Memories)


Year Song Album Lebanese Charts Egyptian Charts Translation Notes
2003 Oughniat El Toufoula Oughniat El Toufoula Childhood Songs
Habib Alby Helm 3 1 My Love first release apart from the Rahbani
2004 Etalaa Feyi 1 4 Look At Me casting Mister Lebanon 1997 Ghassan El Mawla
2005 Ghali Alayi Ana Horra 1 3 You Mean A Lot To Me
Nezlet El Sitara 48 32 The Curtain Fell
Habbeit Delwa’t 28 2 Now that i loved movie soundtrack
2006 Esmaani Adwa’ Al Shohra 1 19 Listen to me
Zaelni Mennak 1 18 I’m upset with you
2007 Adwa’a El Shohra 13 78 Lights of Fame sponsored by Pepsi
Ya Rabi Ana wlleil – Marwan Khoury 1 3 Oh God ft. Marwan Khoury
2008 Yama Layali Hdoudi Sama 43 3 How Many Nights sponsored by Pepsi
Jeet (Majnouni) Pepsi Sea of Stars – V/A,
Hdoudi Sama
1 3 You Came (I Must Be Crazy) movie soundtrack
Ali Hdoudi Sama 7 1 Ali promotional single
2009 Laily Lail The Gipsy Man Sings from the Middle East – Mario Reyes ft. Mario Reyes, filmed in Morocco
Rag’aalak Hodoudi Sama 1 9 Coming Back To You promotional single
Zabahny 97 112 “Slaughtered” Me promotional single
Ma Bkhaf 1 1 I Am Not Scared first official single
2010 A’oul Ansak 1 1 I Try To Forget You second official single
Khallik Bhalak 1 1 Stay Away
2011 El Masry Ya Abu Dam N/A
Malika Ala El Ard a song from the TV series Al Shahroura
2012 Wahshani Bladi
Wet3awadet Ehssas
2013 Ehssas Ehssas


  • “Revelation of the year” (actress and singer) Murex d’Or in 2000.[20]
  • “Best female newcomer” Arab Music Award (2003) – This was the first year for which Arab Music Awards were awarded and the ceremony was held in Dubai in May 2004.[3]
  • “Best Polyvalent talent” (actress and singer) Murex d’Or in 2003.[20]
  • “Best Female Romantic Song” (“Tala3 Fiyyi”) Murex d’Or in 2003.[20]
  • “Best Lebanese Female Singer” Murex d’Or in 2007.[20]
  • “Best Lebanese Song” (“Ya Rab”, with Marwan Khoury) Murex d’Or in 2007.[20]
  • “Best album of the year” (Hdoudi Sama, 2009) Murex d’Or in June 2010.[21]
  • Samahe was honored for best music video – “Khalik Behalik” – at the 2011 Murex d’Or ceremony.[22]
  • World Music Award “Best Stage Performer in the Middle East” in Monaco 2014.


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