Amr Diab

Amr Abd El-Basset Abd El-Azeez Diab born 11 October 1961) is an pop singer and songwriter. Diab is a multi-award winner musician. He is the best selling Middle Eastern artist of all time.[3] Furthermore, he has created his own style which is often termed “Mediterranean Music”, a blend of Western and Egyptian rhythms.By 1992, he became the first Arabic artist to start making high-tech music videos

Amr Diab was born on October 11, 1950 in Port Said, Egypt into an artistic family. His father, Abdul Basset Diab, worked for the Suez Canal Corporation and was the chairman of Marine Construction & Shipbuilding in the canal. Diab’s father played a huge role in igniting the early sparks of musical inspiration towards Diab’s early stages in his professional music career. Diab, at the age of six, had his first shot at fame when he sang the Egyptian National Anthem “Bilady, Bilady, Bilady” at the annual July 23 Festival in Port Said. As a result he was rewarded with a guitar from the governor of Port Said, and began to become recognised nationally.[citation needed] Diab graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Music from the Cairo Academy of Arts in 1986.

Diab released his first album entitled Ya Tareeq in 1983. Diab’s second album, Ghanny Men Albak (1984), was the first of a series of records he released with Delta Sound, including Hala Hala (1986), Khalseen (1987), Mayyal(1988), Shawa’na (1989), Matkhafesh (1990), Habibi (1991), Ayyamna (1992), Ya Omrena (1993), Weylomony (1994), and Rag’een (1995). In 1996 Diab released his first album with Alam El Phan entitled Nour El Ain, which proved an international success and gained Diab recognition beyond the Arabic speaking world. Diab recorded four more albums on the Alam El Phan label including Amarain (1999) on which he collaborated with Khaled (on the song “Alby”) and with Angela Dimitriou (on the song “Bahebbak Aktar”).

In the summer of 2004 Diab, having left Alam El Phan, released his first album with Rotana RecordsLeily Nehary, which he followed up with the hugely successful Kammel Kalamak (2005), and El Lilady (2007). September 2011 saw the release of his album Banadeek Taala, produced by Rotana. On February 2011, Amr Diab released his hit single “Masr Allet” (Egypt spoke). In 2012, Diab hosted the first Google Hangout in the Middle East during his performance in Dubai. In October 2014, Amr Diab released his album “Shoft El Ayam” which topped his last album “El Leila” and again became the best selling album in Egypt in iTunes and Rotana. In July 2015, Amr Diab released the music video from his song “Gamalo” from his album “Shoft El Ayam.”

Diab is known as the father of Mediterranean Music.[5] David Cooper and Kevin Dawe refer to his music as “the new breed of Mediterranean music”.[6] According to author Michael Frishkopf, Diab has produced a new concept of Mediterranean music, especially with his international hit, “Nour El Ain”.[4]



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