Full Name : Shaza Mamdouh Ahmed Gharieb
Nickname : Shaza
Birthdate : 31-7
Nationality : Egyptian
Place of birth: Saudi Arabia
Zodiac: Leo

Shaza … The cute monarch , was born on 31-7 .In the sister country ” Saudi Arabia” … and she lived there until the Gulf was started in 1991 she came back to Egypt , and stayed in ” El Qawmya ” subivision in Zagazig Headquarters of Sharkia at her mohter’s birtplace. After arriving settled in Egypt , she countinued her education in ” El Shoban El Moslmeen ” school in Zagazig . Then she got her High school Diploma at ” Gamal Abd El Nasser ” school.

Shaza attended ” El 3obor Private Academy ” and got her Business Administration Diploma.

She was a very strange girl growing up . I raised her as a boy in a girl’s character , she is the only child she has no sisters , no brothers , and life is so hard being the only child. Therefore she had to have a boy’s attitude to fight her rights” Said Mr.Mamdouh.”Shaza’s Faher”.Shaza’s first appearance was in “El Garage” film, with the great actress ” Njla’a Fathy “.
Shaza didn’t give up after that , she participated school concerts , and she appeared at Grand Openings of many great ceremonies.

Shaza’s first step in the music career began so early. ‘ I wouldn’t make something bigger than actual. If i told you all that she had a CV of a great artist singing for about 20 years . Really I’m so proud of her ” Said Mr.Mamdouh ” Shaza’s Father”
The most important work in Shaza’s CV . Were participating in ” Zawag 3la wara2 Solifan” with the lovely acters , “Ahmed El Sa2a” and “Mona Zaki”

Her first Debut was ” El Helm El Wardy ” which produced by her father but the album didn’t success, because of some production and recording difficulties.
Recently in 2003 , Shaza joined ” Libo Co.” for artistic production.
In 2004 , Shaza released her second album ” Lialy El Sho2 ”
This album was very successful , it was on the top 100 albums in Cairo, Egypt she achieved a lot of great Success.

Shaza shots 3 video clips from her album.
* Lialy El Sho2- Top 10 chart
* Escot- Top 10 chart
* Ana Alby- Top 50 chart

Shaza in now one of the famous singers in Egypt, because of her great talent, and her artistic smartness


► Layali El Shoq (2004)

1- Layali El Shor
2- Ana Albi Dab
3- Eskot
4- Tegher Men Da
5- Had Ghairy
6- Maknesh Ala Baly
7- Rasmtak Fe Khayali
8- Khalek Fe Halak
9- Gara Aih


► Layali (2008)

1- Al Layali
2- Bahibak Lesa
3- Bethddny Bbodak
4- Barga Bomry
5- Hekaya Manseya
6- Khalik Maaya
7- Shoft Kteer
8- Tol Laliy


► Singles

1- Bamoot Fik ft Tamer Hosny


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