The New Talented pop diva In The Music world. Sandy was born in Egypt (Cairo) in 22 April,she studied tourism and hotel management in Alison academy for 4 years.
Sandy released her first album “kol ma arrab” in 2006,distributed by Star Label,including the hit “kol ma arrab” lyrics by Hany Al Sagher and composed by Mohammad Raheem.
In 2009,Sandy released her first single hit “shofto w makalemnesh” lyrics by Mohammad refai and composed by Housam Badran.sandy Released her second album “lisa sogayara” with MELODY MUSIC 2009 with the latest music video , eyak and ebn garetna on melody music channelIn 2010 her smash hit “Hassal Khier” from her released album “Kad Eltahady” had reach over Millions of fans in the Arab world
“HASSAL KHIEER” music video had mad her top record in the YouTube and online viewer over 6,000000 Viewer,“ Hassal khier” was shoot in Dubai by director David Zinne,Followed by her disco music track / music video “ El Hilem” which was shot in Paris by director ERIC CARLTON
and it reached fans all over the world
In 2011 sandy released her latest music video “ayza akolak” from her upcoming album , playing the role of the American nerd teen how is in love with her school classmate ,The video reach over 6,000000 in YouTube in less than 9 month and nominated as one of the best 10 Arabic music video by MTV arabia channel this year
In 2013 SANDY Released her new nusic video “AWEL MARA ATGARAA” with the Canadian Artist KARL WOLF
Also In 2013 she Released her new music album “AHSAN MIN KETER” and sold over 10000 copy in Egypt
On 2014 SANDY 1st musical movie “jimmy’s plan” hit theater in the Egypt and Mid East with a box office of 300000LE


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